2 Main Types of Vaporizers

2 Main Types of Vaporizers

Since everyone’s needs and budgets are different, there is no best vaporizer in general. What we hope to do with the information provided on this site is to help you select the model that best suites you and your lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for a portable vaporizer that you can take with you throughout your hectic workday, or a home model that you can relax and enjoy while kicking back in front of your TV, you’re sure to find something that suites your demands at Weed List!

Forced Air Vaporizers

forced-air vaporizerForced-air vaporizers are vaporizers that use a fan or pump to blow hot air over your herbs and then collect said vapor in a container such as a bag or balloon.

This type of vaporizer is an ideal choice for new users who want to quickly and easily enjoy the benefits of vaporization without worrying about specific techniques, such as using a particular draw speed. However, due to the size of most forced-air models and their need for bags, these vaporizers are not a good choice if you need portability.

Most forced-air vaporizers are very easy to use and are ideal for when you want to vaporize with your friends in a group session. This is because the vaporizer itself does all the work for you. A pump or fan will blow air over the heating element, causing it to get hot, and then over the herbs, which will heat them to the point at which they release their essential oils in a cloud of vapor which is captured in the bag.

Because of the steady speed of the airflow of these vaporizers, they are able to more easily maintain a specific temperature than a direct-inhalation model. Once the bag is full of vapor, you can just detach it and pass it around and people can inhale the vapor at whatever speed they want from the bag and still get the same density of vapor.

Also, forced-air vaporizers are usually more user-friendly in that most do not require the users to remove and stir the bowl during usage. This means that, once the vaporizer is loaded and running, you can just use it until the herbs stop producing vapor. Then just empty the spent herbs and you’re done.

Some forced-air vaporizers also allow for direct-inhalation. These vaporizers are called dual-function vaporizers because of this. They give the user great flexibility because they are able to provide the easy to use bag-filling function that is great for group usage, as well as the direct-inhalation method which is considered by many to be more satisfying and effective for solo use.

If you need a vaporizer that you and your friends can sit around and use without having to worry about tending to the bowl or inhaling at certain speeds, a forced-air vaporizer would be a great choice for you.

Portable Vaporizers

portable vaporizerPortable vaporizers are the ideal choice for many who are making the transition from smoking because it provides the same level of mobility and flexibility as smoking, but with all the many benefits of vaporizing.

Some portable vaporizer models are very inexpensive and basic in function, yet still very effective. These models will often make use of an external heat source, such as your traditional butane lighter or torch. Only, instead of the flame being applied directly to the herbs, the heat it generates will be safely conducted through some sort of medium to the herb, causing it to heat to the point at which it releases its active ingredients but does not burn. These vaporizers are ideal for people new to vaporizing, or those who just want a vaporizer that’s cheap and easy to transport and maintain.

Other portable vaporizer models are more complex in their design and/or function. These may use rechargeable/refillable heat sources such as batteries or internal fuel sources. While these types of portable vaporizers are often more expensive and complicated in design, the function is often designed to be more simplistic and easy-to-use thanks to features such as precise temperature controls and thermostats.

With the wide variety of portable vaporizers on the market today, you’re sure to find one that is convenient and enjoyable for you to use. Pick up a portable vaporizer and start enjoying the benefits of vaporization wherever life takes you.