Benefits of Medical Marjiuana

The benefits of medical marijuana plant are extensive, pervasive, and long-standing. Because of the way the cannabis impacts the Autonomic Nervous System which develops the breath and relaxes the body, prospective for health and curative characteristics are huge. Some of the major health benefits of medical cannabis are explained below: Treats Migraines Cannabis healing has been very effective in […]

The Magical Butter Machine

These days cannabis is not just smoked or chewed like it used to be in the past. Cannabis users have thought up ingenious ways to include cannabis in food and drinks and other eatable items. This gives them the freedom to actually combine this food; while enjoying some stimulant, they are also eating healthy. Now […]

Introduction to Cannabis Concentrates

INTRODUCTION Despite the fact that there are many modern technologies and new discoveries on how cannabis concentrates are processed today, they have an established and broad history. The first uses of concentrates known can be dated back to 10,000BC in the Steppe Mountains of China. Cannabis concentrates have been in some form since 1940s till […]

Cannabis CBD Safety and Dosage

Chances are if you ask ten different cannabis experts their opinions on cannabis dosage, you will likely get ten different answers. Medical professionals don’t fare any better, as “prescribing” plant-based compounds is an inexact science. Cannabis, by virtue of being a natural plant, contains imprecise combinations of cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenoids, and other plant compounds. Cannabinoids, […]

Can Cannabinoids Help Curb Oral Cancer Pain?

According to a presentation that was recently conducted at the annual meeting of the American Pain Society (APS) in Tampa, Florida, cannabinoids could offer relief for those suffering with pain associated with oral cancer. Brian Schmidt, DDS, MD, PhD, a professor at the New York University College of Dentistry and School of Medicine, addressed APS members […]

THC Can Stay in Your Saliva For 8 Days

There’s a growing movement to arrest drivers believed to be stoned behind the wheel. In Los Angeles the City Attorney and the L.A. Police Department this year rolled out a voluntary roadside swab program for suspected DUI motorists. The response to that is simple: Don’t volunteer. But if something like this becomes mandatory in marijuana-legal […]