Can Marijuana Kill You?

Marijuana is the most popular drug/plant consumed in the United States, Canada and the rest of the world. So many people love smoking weed, so it’s a wonder why there are so few deaths attributed to the consequences of marijuana use.

The simple fact is: Marijuana cannot kill you. During Reefer Madness, the government spent millions of dollars on national advertising campaigns explaining that use of marijuana can kill, cause people to go insane and crazy, as well as how it will cause marijuana users to slaughter their friends and family in a blood lust rage.

In the past, there have been clinical trials where they exposed monkeys to large amounts of marijuana and marijuana smoke. The end result was typically a dead monkey, but they do not tell you that the monkey had a gas mask attached to its face and marijuana smoke was continuously pumped into the gas mask.

DEA Judge, Francis L. Young, wrote on September 6th, 1988 that the LD-50 (What dosage 50% of test animals receiving a drug will die due to the result of the drug induced toxicity) of marijuana is around 1:20,000 or 1:40,000. That basically means an average male weighing around 160 pounds to 180 pounds would need to smoke 20,000 times to 40,000 times marijuana than what is contained in an average joint.

Another way to look at it is that it would take 800 joints smoked in a very short period of time (10 minutes or so) to overdose someone to death. As most of you all know, before you even get to your 5th or 10th joint, most people would be passed out, or raiding the fridge, or getting so high that they get sick and stop smoking.

To date, there have been no deaths caused strictly from using marijuana in history. There are deaths related to drugs combined with marijuana, or stupid people driving while high, but as said by Joycelyn Elders MD, former US Surgeon General, “Unlike many of the drugs we prescribe everyday, marijuana has never been proven to cause a fatal overdose.

So to summarize:

  • Marijuana cannot kill you.
  • Marijuana will not kill you as long you do not combine it with other drugs and drive.
  • Keep smoking your weed to your hearts content and don’t about any negative medical effects of marijuana.