Couch Lock Tea

Ingredients: 1 Part Cream/Milk 2 Parts Water High Quality Herbs Tea (for Flavor) Note: Weed strength varies and there is no “standard” so quantities may not be given or be approximate. Please use your own judgement when measuring based on your knowledge of the weed you’re using. Directions: Short hand instructions: Milk + Water and […]

Why Legalize Medical Marijuana

The legality of medical marijuana concerns laws which in most countries regulate the exploit, tenure, agriculture, transmit, and do business in Cannabis. Since the beginning of extensive cannabis ban approximately the mid 20th century, most countries have not re-legalized it for private use, although more than 10 countries bear its uses and gardening it in limited quantities. […]

Can Marijuana Kill You?

Marijuana is the most popular drug/plant consumed in the United States, Canada and the rest of the world. So many people love smoking weed, so it’s a wonder why there are so few deaths attributed to the consequences of marijuana use. The simple fact is: Marijuana cannot kill you. During Reefer Madness, the government spent […]