What is Marijuana?

Most people know marijuana in such a broad or general way. Some only know of it as being addictive and illegal but some haven’t really looked at it closely to see what it really is and what it can do to a person. First off, where does marijuana come from? The fact of the matter […]

Types of Cannabis Strains

Indica Sativa The indica strain of medical marijuana is known to give a pleasant body buzz. It is one of the sought after strains of the plant. These are generally broad leafed plants and are most commonly found in Afghanistan and India. These leaves are said to have more cannabinoid content than the sativa strain. […]

Blunts vs Papers : You Decide

The moment of truth has arrived, you’ve got your bud and your munchies and now you’re ready to roll up a fat boy and enjoy. One of your friends offers you a blunt, and another pal hands you some rolling papers. Everyone waits eagerly for your decision, which one do you take and why? Papers […]