Tips for Havesting Cannabis

After all your hard work to nurture your cannabis plant, finally you reach the phase of harvesting cannabis. This is the most interesting and entertaining stage of weed farming. It is very important that you do the harvesting process at the most appropriate time. This is found out by the variations in pistil colors. The […]

Understanding Cannabis

Similar to most plants that can be consumed, the cultivation of cannabis starts with a seed. Also known as marijuana, cannabis comes in the form of a seed and can be purchased online from an array of vendors all over the globe. Some businesses only sell the most popular types of cannabis seeds while others […]

The Benefits of Marijuana

Marijuana is one of the few safe therapeutic active substances that have ever been studied. Marijuana can be used for many different therapeutic uses and nobody has ever died from overdosing on marijuana. Some of the benefits marijuana can provide include: Relief from chronic aches and pains It helps reduce intarlobular pressure (pressure within your […]

Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Outdoor Growing can be very rewarding . It is also easy. Those who grow indoors can have an outdoor crop in the summer when most indoor operations are shut down due to excessive heat. Indoor-only growers can only imagine the Huge trees can be grown in the vast outdoors! Easily. For those of us who […]

Tips for Cannabis Germination

Germination is the first key step to a successful crop. Germination starts with a live seed and is complete when the first set of round leaves open and a small stalk is visible. Do not start seeds in paper towels! This is not good unless you have much experience. Many seeds are killed during transplant into […]

How to Determine Sex of a Marijuana Plant

Determining the sex of cannabis plants is a problem that is often encountered. To determine the difference between a female and male cannabis plant you need to understand the hereditary functions of both plants. Understanding the gender of plants is extremely important for growers. Male Marijuana Plants Male Marijuana plants have grape-like balls which form […]

Growing Cannabis Indoors

Indoor Cannabis From one tv show, I learned that cannabis seeds may also be bred indoors. This made me watch online videos as well as dvd episodes on germinating seeds inside a room. According to the videos, nowadays, germinating seeds indoors has been gaining interest of some people in US, Canada and in Australia. Although […]

Quick Guide To Harvesting

Every grower wants there beautiful buds to be big and luscious but with that comes patience. I have found that many growers want to harvest too early in a lot of cases we are talking about weeks early. One important thing to remember is this “IT CAN WAIT”. If you want your babes to produce […]