CBD Oil – Am I Going to Get High Using It?

CBD Oil – Am I Going to Get High Using It?

There has been a lot of stigma around the use of Cannabidiol (CBD Oil) recently. It’s rising popularity is constantly on your social media feed and news outlets across the globe are featuring patients claiming to have healed themselves via CBD Oil. It’s been linked to helping people with their cancer treatment, pain and inflammation, nausea and even psychosis. The number of health benefits keep rising. So, why the stigma? It’s pretty clear that CBD can be used as a treatment for many ailments, however, the poor reputation surrounding the hemp and marijuana industries have definitely crippled the popularity of using such products. Patients are worried about using marijuana just to get the benefits of CBD, which is a fair concern, as THC, CBD’s more aggressive cousin (so to speak) has quite the reputation for it’s numerous side effects.

However, thanks to the wonders of science, patients no longer have to be worried about unsafe consumption of marijuana in order to reap the health benefits of CBD. Prior to new scientific breakthroughs, patients would have to consume an entire strain of marijuana. The problem with this however was that some patients were not happy about being subject to some of the more negative psychoactive effects known to alter mood, perception, cognitive function and all-around behavior associated with marijuana use and caused by THC. New cultivation techniques now mean that CBD can be safely and easily ingested as required and patients will only reap the medicinal benefits of the drug.

Why Doesn’t CBD Oil Get You High?

In order to answer this question, we need to take a more in-depth look into CBD and its molecular composition.  CBD is one of eighty-five plus cannabinoids currently known to scientists. Cannabinoids are the chemical compounds which are found all through the cannabis plant. Cannabinoids are known to treat a number of different conditions, one specifically is inflammation, kind of like a natural ibuprofen. Owner of Japa Organics CBD and general hemp advocate Cody Bollerman says “I discovered CBD Oil years back and it absolutely improved my chronic neck issues. I started with several brands that weren’t quite effective and almost gave up before finding the good stuff. It’s not easy to navigate and find which CBD Oil is effective these days but it’s important to stick with it.” There is even evidence showing the use of marijuana to treat pain dating back thousands of years. The pain relief happens the CBD increases the blood flow in our bodies.

The Cannabinoids in CBD interact with something called our endocannabinoid system in our brain, which helps maintain homeostasis in our bodies; our internal equilibrium.

When ingested, CBD enhances the receptors in our brains, known as agonists. Agonists are a substance which trigger a physiological response in our brains when they are combined with a receptor. In this case, a Cannabinoid is a receptor. In some studies, such Cannabinoids have been known to even help stop tumors from developing and metastasizing.

The science and case studies on CBD Oil are quite undeniable. It’s very safe, doesn’t get you high and is very beneficial to your overall health.