Growing Cannabis Indoors

Growing Cannabis Indoors

Indoor Cannabis

From one tv show, I learned that cannabis seeds may also be bred indoors. This made me watch online videos as well as dvd episodes on germinating seeds inside a room. According to the videos, nowadays, germinating seeds indoors has been gaining interest of some people in US, Canada and in Australia.

Although breeding feminized cannabis seeds is as illegal as obtaining, selling, and using it, some growers cannot be stopped from doing so. The discovery of growing these seeds indoors is a great help to breeders. Through this method, breeders may now enjoy growing seeds without fear of having someone not trustworthy see it.

Below, I summarized various techniques in growing these weed seeds at the comfort of my home.

Germinating Cannabis Seeds: Fertilizer

Cannabis seeds enjoy food and nutrients. However, there are types of fertilizers that are noxious to the plant. Some food, especially in high concentrations, can harm the plant roots. In this light, fertilizer should be given to the plant in a gradual manner. A mild fertilizer mixture may be given at the beginning and over the days, its dosage can be increased.

A cannabis plant can absorb as much food is given as long as it the dosage increase is conducted gradually. On the first few months, cannabis should be fertilized every couple of days. During the vegetation stage where the plant prepares for its seed production and blooming, the food intake should be decreased. Also, the plant should not be given a fertilizer days before its harvest.


Although we are growing inside a room, light is still very essential for plant growth. There are various kinds of artificial light that can be utilized for indoor plant breeding. Common light bulbs releases a large percentage of infrared light which makes the growth concentrated on the plant stem. As a result, the plant grows so tall and thin and falls later on. On the other hand, incandescent spot lights give off more blue and red light than the common bulb. However, because of its high temperature, the plant cannot be situated close to it and also, it only stimulates stem growth.

With the experience of most breeders of cannabis seeds for sale, Gro-Lux lights are efficient. These lights emit red and blue lights that are just enough for the plant to develop.


Circulation of air is vital in growing cannabis indoors. Leaves are the passage way of air in plants as well as the first line of defense against toxins. They are extremely affected when there is poor ventilation. Leaf pores becomes blocked which causes leaves to die. When there is good air movement, the toxins will evaporate and leave the pores unclogged.

It is a bit tricky to let air in inside the growing room. Enough air can be generated when the door is kept slightly open. A fan may also be utilized to create air inside the room.


It is also important to be in control of the temperature inside the growing room. During daytime, sixty-eight to seventy-eight degrees Fahrenheit must be maintained. Meanwhile, in nighttime, a fifteen degree decrease in temperature should be made. It is better to keep the growing room dry but too hot or humid.