Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Outdoor Growing can be very rewarding . It is also easy. Those who grow indoors can have an outdoor crop in the summer when most indoor operations are shut down due to excessive heat. Indoor-only growers can only imagine the Huge trees can be grown in the vast outdoors! Easily.

For those of us who live in areas that have freezing temperatures during winter (or not), plant seeds around May 1-June 1 indoors. Lighting such as; fluorescence, window sunlight or metal halide will do. Soak seeds at room temperature in distilled water the day before planting. Add B1 hormones if you want to see your seedlings developing faster. Use store bought potting soil. Germinate each seed in a separate container (1-2″ cubicle seed tray).Use CO2 (carbon dioxide) if you can (instructions here). (You will need to transplant as needed depending upon growth rate.)

Let those babies get 3 weeks of vegetative growth under 18 or 24 hours light per day. After the three weeks, cut the light cycle (called flowering) to 12 hours per day. Do this for a week before taking them outdoors. This will trigger flowering even if it is not visible. Transplant them outdoors in June . Shock can occur so it is best to have them in an environment that is similar to the outdoor climate before transplanting. To climatize the plant use as much light as possible to grow them while they are indoors. Shock is something that occurs more frequently in plants that are grown for long periods under low light. You may also shade plants when they first go outside until they get accustomed to the sun.

The main (MYTH) problem with growing Cannabis in a Northern Climate is it doesn’t have enough time to fully flower. The short 12 hour nights given to the plants before you transplant give the plant a headstart in bud production. When they are put outside at about June 1st – July 1st, they will still produce vegetative growth (which is marked by vertical growth) but they should be producing flowers at the same time. By about the end of July however, they stop vegetative growth and break out in bunches of flower clusters.

Cannabis can withstand temperatures no lower than the freezing point. Two or three frosts can kill the plants. Harvesting takes place around the beginning to mid October. Those who cannot start plants indoors should plant their seeds outdoors in grow bags with good potting soil (powdery, soft, black) on June 1. We recommend grow bags or pots because some animals love to chew up Ganja seedlings. The grow bag offers a little bit of protection.

Those of you growers that live at latitudes 35 degrees (South Carolina, Texas, California) or lower can start seeds outdoors in early spring. The seeds should be planted outdoors in April and harvested by September to late October depending on the strain. Almost any part of the world from Australia to the USA and CANADA can grow quality Marijuana. There is no reason why Americans should import low grade weed from Mexico when 7 foot tall Ganja Monsters can be grown on your own soil.

Remember, regardless of where you are, starting with good seeds is the most impotant step!
Seeds for Colder Climates are Purple Power, ICE, BC Skunk and Alaska.

In warmer Climates Any type will do well (Even indoor seeds).