Leafedin – Worlds – Marijuana – Network” Leafedin.org is the largest global free marijuana networking platform for meeting all cannabis users product and employment needs”

Since it’s launch two year’s ago, Leafedin has dominated the marijuana industry by becoming the largest global marijuana network in 2018, reaching millions of views each months and hundreds of thousands of registered user profiles. The premise is simple, a free anonyomus cutting edge networking platform for cannabis consumers that combines all the digital and media tools that are missing for both marijuana consumers and business’s, allowing individuals and companies to network directly on the platform with real-time encrypted messaging, this way they cut out the middle man and get the best value and best customers possible.

Find weed Find marijuana find cannabis employment and vice versa, Leafedin can do it all free anonymously, sign up on the website (https://leafedin.org) on any device in mere seconds and pop open your map to instantly see who is around you locally and able to supply you with the finest of green thumb!


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Denver, Colorado