Medi Kingdom pioneered the 1st legal cannabis cultivation licence in the Kingdom of Lesotho. Medi Kingdom will begin during 2019 its commercial exports of cGMP medical grade cannabis to clients in Australia, Canada & Europe.

We export globally

Our licence allows export of Cannabis and its related forms to any legal market internationally.


  • March 2018, Medi Kingdom was the 1st company on the African Continent to legally export cannabis flower to Canada since prohibition in 1937.
  • October 2018, Medi Kingdom was approved by the Australian Office of Drugs Control (ODC) to allow import of Cannabis from Lesotho

International Trade Benefits

Not only do we cultivate cannabis from an energy advantageous geographical location, historically proven natural cannabis growing climate, ethical low cost skilled workforce combined with the latest cGMP facilities to meet all international countries import standards.

Lesotho has “Duty Free” trade agreements with virtually all western legalised countries.