Death Bubba Smalls


Range (gram) Price ($/gram)

  • 0 – 27 gram – $5.00 / gram
  • 28 – 111 gram – $3.75 / gram
  • 112 gram – $4.64 / gram
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Limited Batch…… we only have 1 bag rest should be in later this week!!!!

Friendly Flower Death Bubba Smalls, the nugs are fairly small but there is no shake they are dense cacked in crystal, sticky and have a killer gassy death bubba nose,these are smalls from quad product, get them white it’s hot!!!

Purple Chunk is an indica dominant hybrid of Bubba Kush and Peyote Purple and its relaxing effects are best suited for treating pain, insomnia, stress and lack of appetite.

Death Bubba is famous for its purple hued buds covered in trichomes and its potent long lasting effects, Death bubba is a indica cross of Death Star and Bubba kush and is best suited for treating depression, insomnia, pain, stress and inflammation.

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