Quick Guide To Harvesting

Every grower wants there beautiful buds to be big and luscious but with that comes patience. I have found that many growers want to harvest too early in a lot of cases we are talking about weeks early. One important thing to remember is this “IT CAN WAIT”. If you want your babes to produce their maximum yield with maximum potency just be patient because harvesting too early could ruin the experience entirely. You are putting the yield ,taste ,and potency all in jeopardy when you harvest early so it’s just not a good thing to do. It is better to harvest too late than too early ;however, too late will have to same impact as harvesting too early just at a slower rate. Buds start aging taste becomes more earthy and loss in yield because of the decaying plant. Harvesting too late can also leave room for bud rot and mold. OK enough said lets get down to how to know when to harvest.

Lets start off with the harvest time.There are main factors when in comes to harvesting on a well respected time.

  1. Color and Abundance of Pistils and Trichcomes-this is the most important of all three in my opinion because this is your plant saying hey I’m mature enough to be harvested ;in other words this is when the plant is genetically mature it’s “actual” maturity dates
  2. Your Personal Preference of Bud-some growers choose to harvest a little early or late due to climate ,lighting resources ,or just because they prefer a certain time of harvest their personal preference : this is what I call “preferable maturity date”
  3. Time in weeks and days at start of flowering- This is type of method to project harvest date is a great way to estimate when your crop will be ready ;however, I do not recommend using these dates only to say when you harvest because all plants are different and the place grown will affect the harvest date as well, such as climate ,soil ,ph ,the list goes on. This is the “estimated” harvest time and it is usually based on a figure that say cannabis plant will finish flowering from 8-10 weeks. Thats a huge window.
 If you look at the images on this page you should take note of the changes in colorof the trichomes as well as the pistils. The Pistils are no longer white or clear but a medium amber color. All of the Pistil do not have to be amber colored but you want to shoot for around 80%. This is at week 10. Due to saving space I had to skip the other weeks. If you want to whole list of images just message me and I will get them to you.
Here are a few harvest tips to get in mind when harvesting.
  1. Most Cannabis plants have a 3 day window for pefect harvest or this is my opinion.
  2. Flush your plants with water 1-2 weeks prior to harvest. Gal per gal sized pot every day.
  3. DO NOT HARVEST EARLY Patience is a virtue
  4. Always dry your buds correctly
  5. Harvest early morning or night
  6. Most of all pat yourself on the back(not because your choking on the great smoke but becasuse you did a great job.)