Recreational and Medical Marijuana in Canada

Recreational and Medical Marijuana in Canada

Canada will most likely be the first G7 country to legalize recreational marijuana. The use of marijuana for medical purposes has been legalized since 2001. There have been several debates on the legalization of marijuana in various countries. New laws are on the way to make distribution and production easier and better for medical marijuana retailers and consumers. Several benefits have been touted including the generation of income and the disbandment of drug cartels.

In Canada, a major reason for legalizing marijuana is public health. The legalized marijuana will be sold in plain packaging, and it will be regulated by government bodies that regulate the sale of liquor.

Thanks to the legalization of marijuana medically, various useful strains have been developed, and patients have seen faster improvement in their health. White Fire OG is one strain that has been useful for treating nausea experienced by cancer patients undergoing treatment. Of course there is still many work to be done like accurate clinical studies to confirm the medical use of all these new products.

In recent years, the public support for medical marijuana has increased, and the topic is becoming increasingly mainstream. The market potential for the product has been seen by different parties, and this has enhanced its popularity.

A lot of investors are eyeing the Canadian marijuana industry, and there promises to be a lot of growth and sales in this country. A successful mail only distribution process and licensed producers system has shown that the country is willing to legalize marijuana for adults.

By August to early September, Canadians should be able to buy medical marijuana legally. According to some statistics, young Canadians are among the heaviest users of marijuana in the world.

With the legalization of recreational marijuana, organized crime groups won’t be able to control distribution, it will be easier to monitor the product, and the police and the justice system won’t be overburdened with marijuana cases. Public health will also be improved.

marijuana legalization canadaIn 2016, the Canadian medical marijuana market was valued at an estimated 50 million Canadian dollars. By 2020, the market is expected to be worth one billion dollars.

In June 2015, there were almost 25,000 registered medical marijuana clients in Canada. In July 2017, this figure had increased massively to 200,000. As the regulations of the ACMPR come into place, these figures are expected to increase.

The legalization of recreational marijuana in Canada could provide several benefits from health care to crime reduction. Other governments, business leaders and researchers are watchful of the Canadian scenario to see how the legalization of both medical and recreational marijuana will pan out for the country.

Each province in Canada will have their own legalized market with a special legislation. A test of 12 mini-labs will be run to see how things will go before allowing the market to expand further. The provinces will be responsible for regularizing the sales process and determining the usage.

Once recreational marijuana becomes legal, it so expected that at least 65% of Canadians would get their marijuana from legal sources. An online survey of 1500 Canadians conducted by Asking Canadians revealed this. The survey respondents said that they were looking forward to purchasing marijuana legally. So, an estimated 4.3 billion dollars in sales is expected for next year.