THC Can Stay in Your Saliva For 8 Days

THC Can Stay in Your Saliva For 8 Days

There’s a growing movement to arrest drivers believed to be stoned behind the wheel. In Los Angeles the City Attorney and the L.A. Police Department this year rolled out a voluntary roadside swab program for suspected DUI motorists.

The response to that is simple: Don’t volunteer. But if something like this becomes mandatory in marijuana-legal states like California in the future, we could be in trouble.

And this is why cannabis activists have been fighting against marijuana DUI limits that attempt to mimic most states’ .08 blood-alcohol limit for driving: Signs of marijuana can stay in your system regardless of whether or not you are high.

new study out of Norway proves the point again.

Olso researchers found that THC can be detected in your saliva as many as 8 days after you toked.

Twenty-six regular marijuana users were examined, and saliva was taken from them twice a day. According to the study, 11 of the subjects had saliva where THC was detected “several days after cessation” of drug use. “THC was, in this study, detected in oral fluid for up to eight days after admission,” a summary says.

Researchers concluded that daily smokers are at risk of having their usage detected even if that happens days after they’ve had cannabis:

The study shows that frequent use of high dosages of cannabis may lead to prolonged detection times, and that positive samples can be interspersed among negative samples.

That, of course, is bad news if law enforcement is going to continue to try to base arrests and prosecution on even minimal signs of marijuana use.