The Spiritual Benefits of Marijuana

So you’re smoking some excellent bud and you’re feeling great. Like so many others around the globe, you know the joys of using marijuana in your life. But were you aware that marijuana can help you advance your spirituality? It may seem strange for some to see the words marijuana and spirituality in the same sentence. The media portrays marijuana as some kind of evil plant that causes people to commit awful crimes. The fact is that marijuana causes people to feel more empathy towards each other and opens up capabilities in the mind that have been previously unknown to the user of the plant.

Before “weed” or “pot” or “nugs” became a popular party “drug”, the plant was used in the ancient world for tens of thousands of years by medicine men, shaman, witches, magicians, yogi, and others for spiritual purposes. It was common practice to consume specific plants and animals that had psychedelic properties in order to commune with the highest ideal within. Today these plants are known as “entheogens”. The prefix “en” means within or inside, while the root word “theo” means God and the suffix “gen” means genius, creating, genesis, or generating. Marijuana is only one of thousands of entheogens that individuals can use to further their spiritual evolvement.

How do you use marijuana for spiritual purposes? There are many ways, and you should research various ways on your own, aside from the tips within this article. Never take anything at face value and when you do find something that resonates with you, put your own twist or spin on it, so that you’re not blindly following another person. Marijuana is all about independence, self-sufficiency, and freedom, especially when it comes to your mind.