Why Legalize Medical Marijuana

Why Legalize Medical Marijuana

The legality of medical marijuana concerns laws which in most countries regulate the exploit, tenure, agriculture, transmit, and do business in Cannabis. Since the beginning of extensive cannabis ban approximately the mid 20th century, most countries have not re-legalized it for private use, although more than 10 countries bear its uses and gardening it in limited quantities.

Medicinal use of cannabis is legalized in many states which include Canada (soon to be legalized), the Czech Republic, Israel and 16+ states of United States. In Netherlands, cannabis is officially illegal, but justice-guidelines show that no action is to be taken in case of control of a small amount and sale under stern conditions.

Why Legalize Marijuana?

  • Marijuana has the potential to be an alternative fuel.
  • It can rebuild the textile industry in America.
  • It is not as dangerous as alcohol or cigarettes.
  • It is not a stepping stone drug.
  • It can replace trees as our primary source of paper goods.
  • Medical cannabis plant for recreational use can be taxed and revenue doesn’t stop there.
  • Marijuana legalization would create jobs.
  • Legalization would reduce illegal importation of marijuana and other drugs.
  • Marijuana is currently illegal and unregulated. Legal marijuana would be regulated.
  • Marijuana is a recognized treatment for several medical disorders.

Medical Marijuana Statistics

marijuana legalization

marijuana legalization

Lack Of Awareness

Still there are people who stand against medical marijuana legalization. The core basic reason is lack of awareness among people regarding the medicinal uses of marijuana.
People may think that

  • Marijuana legalization would bring increased marijuana use, especially by children.
  • Use and distribution of marijuana is clearly against federal law under the Controlled Substances Act.
  • Marijuana is a harmful, addictive and dangerous drug.
  • It is NOT medicine.
  • Marijuana-related traffic crashes, injuries, and deaths would increase, as they have in “medical” marijuana states.
  • Crime would increase as it has in “medical” marijuana states.
  • Our prisons are not filled with “low level” marijuana users.
  • Hemp will not save our environment.
  • Legalizing and then taxing and regulating marijuana would not offset the cost to society associated with increased use.

But each and every drug will cause side effects when the amount of usage crossed the limit. So it is all based on the control of usage. When the medicinal drug is used in a correct way and in a prescribed amount, definitely it will add more medicinal qualities to our lives.

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